Welcome to REV Energy, we are leading the industry with cost-reducing and environmentally safe technologies.

We differentiate ourselves with the most efficient “designed for purpose” frac spreads, delivering a 30%+ reduction in repairs and maintenance while extending fleet operating life and reducing downtime. Our company is leading with 3,000 HHP tier 4 final frac pumps, we are able to reach the required rate and pressure with 40% less equipment than our competitors. Overall, resulting in fuel and other consumable cost savings, allowing us to operate with a much smaller footprint.

Equipment is only as good as the team operating it. This is why at REV we are built around our people. We understandour company is only as good as its team and we have created a culture to thrive in. Ultimately our continued success has been manufactured around building relationships with our clients, hiring exceptional personal, running efficiency-driven technology and being vigilant to exceptional service.

“Our mission is to train our people good enough to be our competition,
but keep an environment great enough that they do not want to leave.”

The core of REV is constructed around ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, and SAFETY. As part of our culture, we want our employees to take this core home to their families and local communities. We support that commitment with the best education, training, technology advancements, management involvement, and a company-wide culture of safety. We are committed to protecting our people and yours.

Our mission is to REVolutionize the Hydraulic fracturing industry through a great work culture, unwavering safety practices, innovative technologies, operation efficiencies, and ultimately creating the most value for our customers with the smallest footprint. With our equipment and our people, we can do more with less. Welcome to the REVolution.

To become part of the REVolution or for more information visit our website at revfrac.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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